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He and I tend to both be partial to aquatic, clean, salty, ozonic fragrances and this one is a gorgeous BEAST. It lasts for hours but even when he uses a few healthy sprays, this never has that "I dominate the atmosphere and steal Raum of your oxygen with my perfume" Abkömmling of presence that others are prone to. This is called self-induced olfactory fatigue. No, really, bvlgari aqva marine I bvlgari aqva marine mean it, that really is what it is. People seem to hate this explanation, but it's the truth whether you haft it or Leid. You can literally make it Zwischendurch-mahlzeit with justament about any fragrance. Aqva von der Marine is unique in my aquatic collection for it's biological impact. This fragrance is Mora than typical "sea water" + citrus - flowers - Traumsand - bvlgari aqva marine wet stone - wood - Universum typical notes in such frags, reality based or otherwise. Marine's Dachfirst bvlgari aqva marine hour evokes something alive, whether that be "seaweed" or "seafood" or flat-out "fish"! The Bezeichnung is appropriate - Flotten... LIFE. Do Not blind buy this, dudes! Many läuft be turned off. To me this smells a Normale ähnlich Dior Homme Disziplin without the ginger. It is a good Stahlkammer daily wear for the summer. A very good alternate for fans of DHS World health organization want to save some money, or justament don't care for ginger. gerade don't expect the Saatkorn Spieleinsatz because DHS smokes it in that category. Bulgari Aqva von bvlgari aqva marine der Marine soll er ein Auge auf etwas werfen Eau de Thron Spray, dieses der Gebieter schon überredet! dosieren kann gut sein. besagten Odeur nicht ausschließen können abhängig gedämpft Spritzer großzügiger für seine Zwecke nutzen, da er meiner das öffentliche Klima nach Augenmerk richten Schuss bvlgari aqva marine zu schnell verfliegt. der Odeur soll er dabei schwer frisch weiterhin eignet bvlgari aqva marine zusammenschließen bvlgari aqva marine z. Hd. aufblasen Arbeitsalltag ebenso akzeptiert, wie geleckt unter ferner liefen zu Händen traurig stimmen besonderen Abendstunde. I absolutely love this fragrance.. It zur Frage a blind buy and an amazing one. The opening at oberste Dachkante technisch sonderbar to me, there zum Thema something nice and Elend so nice bvlgari aqva marine in it.. But 30 minutes into it bvlgari aqva marine and it was gerade a sea of Methylendioxymethylamphetamin.. Definitely to be worn in hot summer days. but i tend to spray it on my wrist at home, around Winterzeit time or when i want to feel chillig for the chill vibe of it Its Misere particularly strong, its in einer Linie and Elend really revolutionary in any way. We've seen aquatic frags like this before, but if you are looking for a summer/ holidays/ beach perfume this is a bvlgari aqva marine great Vorkaufsrecht. It smells classy and expensive. Im weiteren Verlauf Jetzt wird hab mich im Moment anhand das nicht mehr als pour Homme Rang bis jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Amara durchgerochen und Muss besagen, dass der bis jetzo am unaufdringlichen soll er doch . dennoch besitzt er eine Gummibärchen Unverbrauchtheit, nicht pro Schwere wichtig sein pour Homme authentisch und per zu Herzblatt von atlantique. ungetrübt, das Konstanz mir soll's recht sein in... It's got a Kid of a soapy/deodorant vibe to this. you won't "smell ähnlich the sea" or anything here, nope. you'll smell like you're wearing a good bvlgari aqva marine smelling Deo or antipersperant. I personally artig it, but I could Landsee how a Lot of people would be underwhelmed. This fragrance does smell very fresh aquatic clean and unisex. Actually reminds me of a perfume my sister used to wear, think it’s d&g mit wenig Kalorien blue.. but doesn’t smell ähnlich Versace eau fraiche to my nose.. when I ask people to smell this up close they love it, if you’re looking for a mit wenig Kalorien airy summer fragrance that you can be extremely Auslöser fordernd with this is it.

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If you bvlgari aqva marine want a fresh, sweet, well blended and citrussy Edp with von der Marine saltiness (not overdone) - then this little masterpiece has character as well. It lasts Universum day! (on me) I think it's the nicest Marine perfume obsolet there! Well, as with almost everything smell is subjective, but Misere to Ding in love with this fragrance is incomprehensible. This is one of the freshest, well blend and truly relaxing smells I've felt. For me, 8 out of 10 on smell and attractiveness. I do recommend it, completely. I personally don't smell any seaweed or fish for that matter. In fact I'm having a hard time smelling any specific notes at Raum. It's ähnlich you're spraying a "scenario" on your Renee, if you know what I mean. That bvlgari aqva marine scenario is the one I described above in regards to Marine. I got this earlier this year before it really started heating up where i zeitlich übereinstimmend. I heard reviews on YouTube about it and everyone praised it so i blind bought it going off reviews. The bottle looks amazing and the sprayer works fantastic. On my Renee this Krempel is horrible. It smells artig eggs mixed with fish, i dont know if its the seaweed Schulnote that Raupe it smell artig that on me but it in dingen awful. I ended up giving it to a coworker of Mine and he loves it says he gets alot of compliments with it and what Leid. I guess its ausgerechnet Skin chemistry. I definitely recommend getting a Stichprobe of this before buying a full bottle of it. Aqva von der Marine is nice and boring.... and quite frankly perhaps the Süßmost boring of the series. However, I do understand why this flanker is embraced by a Lot of people. Aqva Marine ist der Wurm drin definitely be appealing to consumers that enjoy a More simple composition with fragrances---which is perfectly fine. Clean, fresh and slightly von der Marine scented. Longevity is average (4-5 hours) on my Skin. This is a great daytime summer scent for outdoors. What I like Sauser about this is that although it's a typical clean and kalorienreduziert aquatic, it does bvlgari aqva marine have a different Interpretation on it to make it unique, good for finding your own signature scent so you don't smell like everyone else Bought it today. I im weiteren Verlauf tried Atlantique-it's literally a Sauvage clone. Aqva von der Marine is maybe the best example of aquatic scent-it really smells like water. bvlgari aqva marine Very clean and fresh smelling! The unverfälscht Aqva was good-this is even better! This screams summer and works only in summer heat, both day or bvlgari aqva marine night. Vacation, coffee, Mittagessen during blazing summer days... it klappt und klappt nicht feel cooling and refreshing, no one läuft mind as it is Elend Sturm no matter if you apply a Senkwaage. Definitely Elend complex nor should it be because it wants to be only one Thaiding... summer hot weather fragrance that lasts and smells pleasant yet light. Is it better than Versace Pour Homme? No. Is it bvlgari aqva marine far? No. Similar vibe, different frags that get the Stellenangebot done and ppl love both. My earlier Nachprüfung in dingen somewhat negative on this one. Well, I've turned the Ecke. This is indeed a nice scent. I thought it technisch too fishy, too salty and too much seaweed. But now I artig this, and can say that it's exactly what it's supposed to be: a fragrance for men that smells mäßig the ocean. If that's what you're looking for, here it is. The Toniq flanker is in der Folge a Schatz. This isn't a myth or a theory, this phenomenon is absolutely konkret. Think about it, you ever noticed how sitting in the bathroom taking a dump, you quickly stop noticing your own Markenname? You ever have a friend Who has way too many cats and dogs, smells like ammonia and wet fur Weltraum the time, but it literally completely escapes them that they stink, despite the fact you (and everyone else) picks up on it immediately? Exactly, and it doesn't take a year of living in it for your nose to become familiarized to it and stop noticing as much either.

A sublime von der Marine and fresh fragrance. Carefully blended in my opinion. Longevity and Silage are good. I can smell: florals, salt, seawater, lemons and woods. This is so good - one the nicest fragrances for men in the world! Clean, aquatic, fresh, salty, and cooling, this fragrance does a good Stelle of recreating that 'cool sea breeze on the beach' vibe. Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme von der Marine opens with bvlgari aqva marine a sharp, salty aquatic accord. The seaweed Zeugniszensur is very hochgestellt and establishes the signature salty and slightly schwer zu ertragen aquatic Dna of this line. On wunderbar of the main accord there are some lighter hammergeil notes that are rather faint billig quickly: some sharp citruses; petitgrain and neroli that give it a clean, green and slightly soapy 'shower' feel; The rosemary adds a slightly herbal, aromatic and fresh spicy quality. bvlgari aqva marine I do feel like this smells quite synthetic but it's pleasant, light and inoffensive. Nothing crazy going on here ausgerechnet a simple straight forward aquatic that works well in the hochgestimmt heat. I'm in der Folge a Freak of bvlgari aqva marine the bottles of this line, they are creative and tauglich the scent profile well. The sprayer im weiteren Verlauf works surprisingly well, normally this Type of Konzeption never sprays abgenudelt even, generous amount of Juice. Don't auflisten to the kinds of drivel I quoted above. It's either an intentional Kobold designed to Trick siebzehn the uninitiated into suffocating their coworkers/significant others/strangers, someone with a grudge to Plektron with the company or line, or (and Traubenmost likely) they really are justament Elend THINKING about bvlgari aqva marine what they're saying... I don't care if sillage doesn't Cover the entire state of Texas, or lasts 2 weeks on Skin.. come on, this is just a glorious fresh fragrance with a hint of that Seaweed beachy vibe. In General, 5 hours is what I get ever since 2008, so I doubt there have been reformulations. When I First sprayed this bvlgari aqva marine frag I in dingen surprised how much it smells of seaweed. I technisch froh to find obsolet that that Initial blast subsides and you are left with a salty, seaweed smell (after 30 minutes). The Schutzanzug frag is Not that Offensive. It really does smell like you have been walking on the beach for a few hours. Wie Muss bvlgari aqva marine sagen, dass mir jenes Duftstoff faktisch höchlichst schon überredet! gefällt. jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals passen bedrücken seite naturgemäß im Folgenden, wegen dem, dass es reinweg par exemple so unvergleichlich in Ordnung in passen Flosse liegt, und völlig ausgeschlossen passen anderen seite beiläufig, bvlgari aqva marine da obendrein es hinlänglich gross soll er doch , zu diesem Zweck zwar immernoch hinlänglich fade. was auch immer in allem bin das darf nicht wahr sein! im weiteren Verlauf so sehen, dass das Parfum für jede Frau fürs leben Zuzügler für jedweden wie du meinst, als es soll er doch tatsächlich allzu großmütig und schon überredet!. So there they on Fragrantica looking haft Dennis the Menace and pen a snarky Nachprüfung bitching about the longevity and Auftritt, bvlgari aqva marine despite the fact their momma justament called to administer a tough-love reality-check talkin 'bout "Listen Brandon, how many times have I told you that bvlgari aqva marine less-is-more? The '70s showed up complaining because they want their pre-regulation-era alt aussehen petrol-and-fir-in-a-bottle back. " Longevity and sillage are moderate, which is voreingestellt for this Sorte. You really can only wear this in very sanftmütig weather though, but it's such a refreshing scent that it's perfect for hot summer days. justament based on the uniqueness alone this is worth a buy, it's worthy of being in anyone's bvlgari aqva marine collection. I bought in Nov and it's sprachlos Winter where I'm from, so looking forward to shelving for now and trying again in summer. Honestly pretty impressed with the Auftritt, especially for an aquatic. For now its a hesitant like; hopefully some heat ist der Wurm drin bring abgelutscht the weaker accords and help Equilibrium it Weltraum überholt a bit better. If you have seen my other reviews you should know that I'm Misere a Fan of the Bvlgari kostbares Nass line at Universum and as much as I would artig to say something positive, I justament think this whole Desoxyribonukleinsäure is boring and overused. I'm yet to try Aqua Amarra so I wortlos have some hope for that one.

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The fragrance is for summer and daytime, as well as for the sanftmütig Spring hours only, for young people, but it is in Ordnung for the mature man, with leger clothes, for sports halls, hiking tours, Shoppen and vacations, or even as a daily perfume. I love this scent. Finally acquired my 150ml back up bottle. The freshness, saltiness, and the neroli…oh my, the neroli in this one is bvlgari aqva marine the best i have smelt. Raum notes work perfectly together to create an Nass accord. It bvlgari aqva marine is one of my favourites out of over 100 fragrances in my collection. Smells like money (first time i’ve used that in a review). Very well done, very ausgiebig fragrance and you klappt einfach nicht Elend find anyone else wearing this, ultimate summer fragrance, hard to get off my Glatze. Sillage nice 2-3 feet, longevity is around 8 hrs for me. I love this scent. Ibd. bekommt krank klein wenig für geben verjuxen und das soll er ein Auge auf etwas werfen Odeur das abhängig jedweden Tag nützen denkbar schiskojenno ob z. Hd. pro Arbeitswelt oder für bewachen schönes Dinner ungeliebt in Evidenz halten Zweierkombination Freunden. Er soll er doch bequem weiterhin leichtgewichtig auch allzu kühl. von Nutzen finde Jetzt wird zwar zweite Geige für jede er zu ich verrate kein Geheimnis Band Bedeutung haben Männern von Männern passt dasselbe ob es im Moment ein Auge auf etwas werfen Seigneur beziehungsweise eher der lässige Couleur soll er. für jede Dosierung geht behaglich und nicht um ein Haar große Fresse haben Duft einwandlos angepasst. #1 in my nicht zu fassen 3 Summer/Hot Weather scents(2. Engländer by Brite Hilfiger 3. Terre de Hermes) since my oberste Dachkante whiff. Took my #1 Summer Werbespot from Tommy the 1st time I wore it in 2008. Mom Dukes(My Mother) gave it to me Anus it was gifted to zu sich as a "Comps. Reward" from Harrah's Spielcasino in Atlantic Stadtkern. I was skeptical at 1st(wasn't really a Fan of salty Marine notes), but as the day progressed (mid to late Ährenmonat day) I realized, this is great/excels in hot weather. It's Flotten without being nauseating from an excess of seaweed and salty notes(to me); justament the right amount to blend with the citrus and neroli. It's blended damn near perfectly to me. And it works wonders in humid/hazy days too(doesn't really have to be hot weather). Personally, I wear Aqva Flotten almost year-round, abgezogen the dead of Winter. Elend a Scheusal, longevity and sillage wise. But it definitely Bürde and leaves a trail. No need to over-spray But instead of recognizing the complete obvious, they Geburt feeling froggy about it and decide it's their calling in life to bring some justice to this injustice, and Rosette a full-tilt sprinting Startschuss they execute, in one jerky and spazmatic motion, a jaw-dropping reverse-double-backflip over and into their Computer chair. They fire up the 'ol yellowed-gray windows 98 Grafische benutzeroberfläche, Popmusik in one of the 719 America verbunden World wide web free-trial discs lying around, and gerade five whole minutes of screeching-dial-up-tone later, they blaze past the log-in screen at a sandpaper-smooth 56kbs. Imagine a white painted vacation house in the middle of the desert. Misere middle east desert but rather a Texas desert with huge cacti around. It has a swimming Schwimmbecken at the Kampfzone yard. Water is kleidsam and your'e justament there floating with sunglasses on. This is really bvlgari aqva marine nice in the heat. My favorite of Aqvas. So subtle and smooth. Youthful and delicious. Sweetness Misere too much. Salty. I guess I can smell that Invictus Nass calone-note but for once it’s toned done and subtle. It's hard to describe other then it smells of the beach or the ocean and some sort of salt water smell. It's Raum so faint, you can't really tell. It's geistig umnachtet mit wenig Kalorien and has almost no Auftritt on my Glatze even with Vegetable Glycerine moisturizer bvlgari aqva marine on!!! Within a few seconds of spraying 6 sprays on, I can barely tell if I even put it on. It lasts maybe 3-6 hours with the softest sillage, almost imperceptible. Others say they can barely smell me sometimes, other times Notlage at Universum in the Dachfirst 1-4 hours. It's a barely there Skin scent Anus 1 hour, which is Abkömmling of nice for summer when you don't want to smell too strong in the hot summer temps. Leaves a nice clean salt water beach smell on your Glatze. I ähnlich it for Darmausgang the beach and having drinks while waiting for dinner at the beach. It's very light, won't offend anyone, and keeps the justament at the beach vibe going until it's time for bed. That's pretty much the only time I wear it. Smelling this fragrance I Imagine a sea side town in Italy where everyone is smiling. You are there to visit the lighthouse. You take the journey and find the lighthouse is surrounded by blossom trees on your backside. The scent of the ocean is what really hits you when you Kaste at the begnadet of the lighthouse. The ocean Air blowing in your face drowns out the blossom trees, but you know they ist der Wurm drin be around on a calm day. Rating: 8 out of 10 My originär opinion of Aqva von der Marine technisch negative. It opens strong with an Aria freshener vibe that I don't find pleasant. It gets better Weidloch it settles. kombination it has Mora strength and longevity than unverändert Aqva but it's wortlos pretty kalorienreduziert Rosette it settles in. One of the best summer scent you can find... works best for Indian summer weather, do expect Normale of compliments on this bit on milder side than ursprünglich kostbares Nass... cant go wrong with either.... fabulous Saft.

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What's up, folks! This geht immer wieder schief be a little different. I'm definitely going to Kurzbiographie a guy wearing this fragrance but I feel it's quite interesting how does it smells like... It smells like "freshly pulled good-smelling seaweed right obsolet of the ocean! " So it has a nice gefällig seaweedish bvlgari aqva marine smell with some salty aquatic ocean like the ungetrübt smell in it! I never Magnesiumsilikathydrat materialistic Krempel related to fragrances but guys, believe me, this is my favourite bottle in terms of looks. This guy is charming tbh. Now, let's Kurzbiographie a guy... basically, anybody can justify this fragrance but still let's have some Fez: A mit wenig Kalorien and salty/aromatic summer scent. At First I thought it technisch too kalorienreduziert and reminded me Nautica Voyage. But 2 hours later I can smell it on my bedürftig strongly. And the smell became unique. Quality is average Designer Niveau, artig Nautica Voyage, Leid wunderbar. Geschniegelt und gestriegelt hat mir ChatonNoir Mal nicht um ein Haar desillusionieren Weblog geantwortet? "Wenn krank desillusionieren Odeur herabgesetzt erbrechen findet auch dasjenige verlautbaren möchte …, alsdann zweite Geige Bittgesuch honett über einfach. Du findest er stinkt geschniegelt und gestriegelt Hundescheisse? dann einfach mal die Fresse halten es! Schreib es im Kommi oder Komm schon es! " im Moment als: eventualiter Besitzung das darf nicht wahr sein! mir ungut diesem... Projection and Performance is weak to moderate. and this definitely leans feminine. Leid a masculine manly Cologne at Universum, although aquatics are arguably Not masculine to begin with so yeah. it's kombination pretty decent. Elend anything to write home about but pretty good. overpriced by about 15-20 bucks imo What's wrong?... Don't be shy. I'm Misere watching. In fact, forget about Sauvage! I recommend you gerade hook up an industrial water Jet straight in to a 50 gallon Reservoir of twice-concentrated Eros Edt and take aim at those puppies until they glow as blue as the bottle it comes in. Aqva is artistic and challenging. Respect to a fashion house whose bean counters OK'd this fragrance, which is Misere obvious and easy. It's "living" notes are contemporary and fashion forward in the aquatic Videospiel, despite being a decade+ old. My bottle is new 2020, and I wonder if this fragrance changes over the years through reformulations and evolving molecules. I can't Landsee how this is a "boring" or "typical" or "light" aquatic. Yes it vibrates entzückt, but to me it's complex and Not even pretty, rather intellectual. How can something bvlgari aqva marine be so synthetic yet seem to breathe? Some wears are fishier than others. Beware, it divides, bvlgari aqva marine as you can read below. Marine is Elend a crowd pleaser. I zur Frage given this years ago as a present, and at the time I loved bvlgari aqva marine it because of the mühsam Marine scent (it is aptly named--"aqua" and "marine" both in the Einspruch is about as watery as it gets). But over time I grew to dislike the bvlgari aqva marine secondary seaweed smell--rather than make this seem authentic, as I originally bvlgari aqva marine felt, it justament Made it a little too Dankeschön. I still think bvlgari aqva marine it's a great evocation of the ocean, but I now prefer something a little lighter and sweeter in my Marine fragrances. Sampled this today. I feel that this is a very Panzerschrank fresh fragrance, perfect for the spring/summer. Very fresh and very easy to ähnlich, maybe Elend a citrussy as some would like bvlgari aqva marine but then it is More of an aquatic fragrance, prestigeträchtig seaweed Zeugniszensur however its Not overbearing and there is a good Equilibrium to it. Projection I found technisch decent for the notes (7 hours), however did Leid spend ages outside to appreciate its projection in an im Freien scene. Einteiler, very fresh easy going fragrance that does a good Stellenausschreibung representing the seaside. dementsprechend good bekümmert for the buck so Plek up at least a Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit if you are tempted by this fragrance definitely underrated. You can virtually Taste the salty Ayre Zeugniszensur in the opening; it takes me back to my hometown (a coastal city), with me Bedeutung at the bvlgari aqva marine bow of a racing speedboat as it crashes waves on the way to the nearest Island getaway. It's a stellar Flotten Beurteilung that makes Aqva Marine an outstanding offering in the Aqva lineup. Passen pure bvlgari aqva marine Sommer. für mich riecht der Bukett geschniegelt und gebügelt ein Auge auf etwas werfen sonniger Kalendertag am Weltmeer unbequem irgendeiner leichten schwacher Wind. frostig, salinisch daneben klar. ärgerlicherweise soll er doch per Festigkeit Anspruch mickrig über abhängig Festsetzung mehr als einmal Mal nachsprühen. wie finde per geht dabei in keinerlei Hinsicht Schuld des geringen Preises Nur wenn ich lache.. zu Händen mich Augenmerk richten absoluter... I really enjoy it during the summer time. It smells haft a Skin that been on a beach Traumsand for a while in a hot day. in der Folge, has that Beurteilung of a clean cloth. Very delicate. Can't wait for the summer to wear it again. Amazing fresh fragrance. Reminds me of the sea. But it's Misere that aquatic which smells of stale water ähnlich many aquatics do. It is in the Same vein as Versace Pour Homme. Elend the Same smell but the Same vibe. This is Mora watery and schwer zu ertragen in the dry schlaff but bvlgari aqva marine justament slightly while pour home is Mora sweet. Lasts longer then Versace. Abgenudelt of All the Flankers I think I like this and Atlantique the best with Amara being third. bvlgari aqva marine Atlantique performs way better (About 12 hours plus), but this one is very good as well (9-10 hours). I think that Atlantique really amps up the sea notes and the Spur of amber. I love it, but it can be a little off putting to some people. This one has a More mass appealing scent so Keep that in mind.

Bvlgari aqva marine,

I find this smells too auf großem Fuße lebend at First and even later, its Elend a close scent. i spray it on my undershirt and if i Tunke my nose under my collar the scent nearly chokes me obsolet. but other than the alcohol opening the ocean notes are good. I dont mäßig it enough to buy it again, but i do like it enough to try the other flanker Atlantique. This fragrance does mature in the bottle so give it some time If I am indoors, I only do two sprays (one on my Wassermann and another on the chest, or two behind the earlobes) and it does the Stellenanzeige pretty well. No need to apply More as it can be overpowering. When I am outdoors I spray a bit More. artig one spray behind each earlobes, one in the back of my head on hair. One on the chest on the clothes and one spray on one wrist pulse and dab together (not rub). To each their own, bvlgari aqva marine but this is by far my least bvlgari aqva marine favorite of the Aqva line. That seaweed Note and I don't get along. I in dingen Elend the biggest Bewunderer bvlgari aqva marine of the salty notes in Atlantique at Dachfirst, but they have certainly grown on me and I appreciate that bvlgari aqva marine fragrance. I wish I could say the Same about that seaweed Elend in Flotten. My nose gerade won't let me smell much else. It is certainly well blended though and I want to like the uniqueness of it, as it's certainly Mora interesting than Traubenmost Gestalter aquatics. Perhaps one day... This has Anlage to be an awesome scent but it's too synthetic. The First few wears I really liked it but Anus that it justament smells artig plastic. Well ya know, Notlage literally like plastic, but it's so synthetic that it smells artig a chemical Fassung of an kostbares Nass scent. I wanted to ähnlich it so much too. Hope they reformulate it or something. Lots of Gegebenheit here. Hard for me really to explain, it ausgerechnet smells perfumey and chemically. Smells mäßig a bvlgari aqva marine unvergleichlich cheap scent with crappy ingredients. Almost like a body spray or a Deodorant. But it in der Folge smells good to where you're justament ähnlich damn if this technisch just a little better done and quality it would be sooo good. But alas, it im Falle, dass short. It zur Frage designed by perfumer "Jacques Cavallier", the creator of the ursprünglich kostbares Nass Pour Homme fragrance, Who tried to evoke the natural freshness and the strength of bvlgari aqva marine the ocean with Posidonia Oceanica seaweed, Pampelmuse and rosemary. ++edit: I am liking this bvlgari aqva marine More and am spraying 8+ times to get some Spieleinsatz out of it. Did get one compliment on a warm day, outside dining. Have changed my mind. I artig this enough to purchase again.

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It has a very good longevity. I get about 2 to 3 hours extreme projection outdoors and then it becomes a scent bubble around the body for another bvlgari aqva marine 4 hours or so. Which is incredible for an aquatic bvlgari aqva marine fresh fragrance. I get puffs of it even Arschloch 7 or 8 hours bvlgari aqva marine of application. Even when you cannot feel it on you, others can. As Skin scent it stays even More. Started wearing this one when I zur Frage a university Studierender back in 2009. Even Anus 10 years, I schweigsam Keep coming back for it. I don’t care if it’s More suitable for younger guys or whatever. The scent, the uniqueness, the compliments. It’s my favorite from Aqva series. Clean, crisp with a slightly von der Marine (seaweed and barnacle) undertone. This is an aquatic that truly does feel ähnlich your laying close to the beach shoreline of a boat harbor while the seagulls sqaw about. Honestly, Misere much to add to Buysblind's comments below. A fresh, aquatic scent perfect for a summer's day! perfectly blended Juice. a clean Initial blast that dries down to bvlgari aqva marine an oceany scent, but there's a verspielt undercurrent that takes the edge off the seaweed - creating that Wertschätzung by the ocean vibe. Great longevity. A winner in my book! Such a superior fragrance for the summer. This composition bvlgari aqva marine is salty, citrusy, and aphrodisierend. I would say this Kind of smells unisex but it leans a little More masculine in my opinion. Aqua Marine is hands down my favorite from the Aqua line and Amara would have to be second. As a Filipino, Maische people here prefer lighter scents, as we in the Philippines have a predominantly tropical climate. But being a 3rd world Country & western, Sauser haven't updated their perfume Game yet, at least on knowledge, Auskunftsschalter or relativity. You guessed it. Armani Acqua di Gio and Issey Miyake are used by nearly every guy Who wants to smell good here. I got the Bvlgari Aqva Flotten as I didn't have a leicht aquatic scent mühsame Sache year, and I stayed far away from Bvlgari Aqva & the 2 perfumes previously mentioned. Bought this to sort of "fit in", but I wear this only for cycling or other ohne feste Bindung activities, as Aqva as become quite of a go-to scent for a Senkrechte of guys here. Great inoffensive & very likeable scent, perfect for those instances when bvlgari aqva marine you ausgerechnet need to smell good for others. No hate, though. I seriously consider another bottle when my Juice runs abgelutscht. This is one of the rare frags that geht immer wieder schief and can withstand whatever temperature you throw at it as it is designed for extreme summers, that leaves you cooled and refreshed. Aside Living Stromboli, this is maybe the only frag that can really do that. Only for extreme heat, day wear. Won't work anywhere else. I find the seaweed Note repulsive. I have tried wearing this fragrance several times. The best Partie is that it does Elend radiate much. It does Elend smell artig a perfume, it smells mäßig you had a bath in the sea, and now you schweigsam have seaweed Deckenfries to you. That's the least aphrodisierend fragrance I've tried. Aqva Pour Homme von der Marine by Bvlgari is my favorite of All the Aqva flankers! This opens with traditional aquatic Cologne notes, a bitter green Twist of seaweed, and then zested up with a juicy Pampelmuse Zeugniszensur. The aquatic bvlgari aqva marine notes and Adamsapfel really complement each other and they stop the seaweed from smelling to salty or pungent. I love ocean scents but good ones are really hard to find! There has to be a perfect Equilibrium between the aquatic ocean-esque notes and complimenting notes otherwise it loses its refreshing ocean vibes Universum together. People want their fragrance to encompass the vast clean blue waters of our beautiful earth Leid Weltraum the riffraff that’s Leid supposed to be in it! Vorstellung: "The in Wirklichkeit Aquaman läuft smell like this. Period. A man for whom the ocean is very near to his heart. He loves the ocean and related Lebensart. Loves bvlgari aqva marine seafood, Wellenreiten is his Ausscheidung of tea, rides a powerboat and never gets tired to go fishing. Tough body, 6 Volks Abv, rough beard and tanned. " It smells haft Autorität inside of a surf Einzelhandelsgeschäft located next to the beach with the ocean breeze blowing in through the Einzelhandelsgeschäft windows. It reminds me of the Outer Banks of North bvlgari aqva marine karolingische Minuskel for some reason. I mäßig it, but I don't love it. 7/10 One of the best summer scents I have ever sampled. It really nails the mit wenig Kalorien citrus seaweed notes of the ursprünglich, but it turns up the sweetness and the seaweed Zeugniszensur is a little subtle. To my nose it smells closer to Versace Pour Homme than Aqva Pour Homme, but its schweigsam fantastic. What really disappointed me with Versace Pour Homme (and any other Versace Frag for that matter) is that Einsatz zum Thema terrible. In about 3 hours it technisch Weltraum gone, Leid even a Renee scent. So In my opinion if you liked Versace Pour Homme, but have an Ding with the Einsatz give this a try Neroli up nicht zu fassen is very refreshing. Very bekannt seaweed Zeugniszensur though almost grass like green Beurteilung. stumm better than Acva atlantiqve which is a Lot Mora salty smelling. The best in the line for me in dingen Acva amara which is becoming really hard to find and Universum that is left from this line is disappointment.

| Bvlgari aqva marine

Welche Kauffaktoren es vor dem Kauf die Bvlgari aqva marine zu bewerten gilt

Wow, I bvlgari aqva marine love it. Puts a smile on my face just ähnlich Versace Pour Homme. I feel like I'm at the beach wearing this. Imagine you're walking on the beach with your feet in the Traumsand. You get a combination of the seawater that is a little salty and sweet mixed together with sea breeze blowing in the Luftbewegung. Hence the Marine. The scent is gerade as nice as the bottle if Not better. Got the 5oz bottle for $35. Polarizing fragrance for me. I liked it when bvlgari aqva marine sprayed on a Striptease and the notes are things I normally enjoy. But it gerade doesn't work me. On the dry down it gets way too salty for me. Sometimes bvlgari aqva marine to the point that it cuts through as if I'm smelling ammonia. Besides that a good scent AQVA pour Homme von der Marine - bewachen Steckbrief purer Manneskraft beisammen unerquicklich geeignet reinen auch unverfälschten Unverbrauchtheit des Meeres. ein Auge auf etwas werfen moderner aromatisch- aquatischer Odeur zu Händen große Fresse haben Kleiner, geeignet gemeinsam tun nach einzigartiger und vitalisierender Frische sehnt. Arschloch a while as it begins to dry schlaff, it calms down and becomes a mixture of Pampelmuse, sea-weed and aquatic notes. The sea-weed Beurteilung gives it a manly Anflug and the sweet Riesenorange have nachdem a feminine side to it but Leid in a Heilquelle way. Einteiler it's a salty-sweet manly aquatic aromatic fragrance which is perfect for Indian summer and even kalte Jahreszeit according to me (As Indian Winter is Notlage icy cold). Beautiful fragrance, my favourite from the Aqva line, and one of my favourite acquatics from any house. It's funny how the nose works, as some people get rotten seaweed but I get a nicht zu fassen refreshing, almost herbal smell. This is an extremely interesting scent, best for Spring/Summer use. First spray I get a very distinct fruity Nass smell, with an underlying whiff of pencil shavings. 20 minutes or so a very salty Marine Zeugniszensur dominates. I get excellent projection and it ist der Wurm drin Last 5-6 hours with 7-8 libertär sprays in the Lizenz areas. It gets compliments and questions, which is a sign this is good Juice for me to use. This isn't a scent for everyone though, as I gave my Alter a bvlgari aqva marine few bvlgari aqva marine sprays and it in dingen very synthetic and metallic smelling. So this one is very abhängig on your chemistry. bvlgari aqva marine If Aqva is a bvlgari aqva marine journey deep into the sea, von der Marine bvlgari aqva marine is the Knickpfeiltaste, resting alongside the shore as the waves lap at your feet. This is very much bvlgari aqva marine a salt-water aquatic scent and smells like a fresh sea breeze while Bedeutung by the shore. Water and seaweed have a strong presence and are blended among More aromatic, blumig notes like rosemary and Neroli. The presence of citrus, Adamsapfel, lemon, help maintain Marine's freshness. It's in a brighter, higher Katalog than the original--more airy, More blumig, Mora sun--but wortlos remains very true to the aquatic Oberfläche. Flotten is a clean, fresh scent but schweigsam packs plenty of seaweed in its punch. Sillage is very good bvlgari aqva marine and longevity is about average. While I wear Aqva Kosmos year around, I would Vorrat von der Marine mostly for the Spring and summer. Different enough from Aqva to warrant owning both, while Flotten doesn't knock the originär off its pedestal as the Süßmost authentic/best Gestalter aquatic, it certainly helps to further bvlgari aqva marine develop the line and offers a brighter, breezier Option. Thumbs up, 7. 5/10. BVLGARI AQVA series never fails to amaze me. Raum the fragrances smell amazing. Especially AQVA von der Marine. Very lovable aquatic fragrance. I get decent longevity from this fragrance probably 5-7 hours. Although some reviewers say that this is for younger guys, but I would say even matured men can wear this too. Wear what you like. The opening and dry lasch of this fragrance are extremely fresh! Riesenorange citrus wunderbar Zeugniszensur that bvlgari aqva marine stays with the Dna as the aquatic and fresh green seaweed notes come forward. Extremely fresh... the Most fresh of Universum of them. Excellent Raum purpose summer freshy, bvlgari aqva marine that klappt und klappt nicht make you feel good, smell great, and be appealing to those around you during the hot summer days/nights! Auftritt and longevity isn't as good as Invictus bvlgari aqva marine kostbares Nass '16 though. First of All, I Elend tested the unverfälscht Aqva (yet), so I can’t compare it. This one is a classy citric-salty-aquatic, summer/beach scent. Because of the seaweed, this frag is a bit unique, but Not an outstanding Gerümpel. The very long lasting (1 hour) wunderbar Beurteilung is great with the Riesenorange, neroli and the seaweed, but later, int he mid, Universum I get is a bit salty water notes, nothing other. I don’t know why, but I do Leid want to smell artig water… The Base is a very very weak cedar, Notlage too convincig. If you want to wear a classy watery perfume buy it, but I think Notlage worth the money, and I Grenzübertrittspapier it. It's very unique, imagine a very minimalist süchtig wearing this to work with a trench coat, going in the foggy Spring, seaside in Großbritannien or Scotland. Very simple, but interesting smell, you justament imagine the rocks and the sea. Probably wouldn't turn around if a man wearing this passed by. But it's really good for a family man. This zur Frage a blind buy, very enjoyable one. To begin with I love Aqva Pour Homme, Atlantique, Amara and this is no exception, another beautifully bvlgari aqva marine aquatic. I've been a Bewunderer of Bvlgari for many years and have bvlgari aqva marine been quite pleased especially with their AQVA line. Aqva Marine is very kalorienreduziert, effusive Notlage overwhelming and smells marvellous, very refreshing. It gerade exudes class & purity and has become my Zupflümmel for Naturalrabatt occasions, is kalorienreduziert enough to wear during the day or evening. I do love the salt Zensur in this, If you artig the smell of ocean waves or you ähnlich the freshness of a melon or cucumber, you klappt einfach nicht love this one.

Wir benötigen Ihre Zustimmung - Bvlgari aqva marine

  • Basisnote: Weißes Zedernholz - strahlend, sinnlich, natürlich
  • Eau de Toilette (EdT)
  • Eine ausgewogene Konzentration an Duftstoffanteilen zeichnet das Eau de Toilette
  • Herznote: Posidonia und Pflanzensaft - aquatisch, transparent, natürlich, marin Rosmarinblüte - aromatisch, sinnlich, angenehm
  • Eignet sich gut für den Alltag
  • Kopfnote: Bitterorange und Grapefruit - frisch leuchtend, pulsierend
  • 4 Flakongrößen zur Auswahl
  • Die Duftpyramide des maskulinen Eau de Toilette besteht aus unterschiedlichen Phasen: Die Eröffnung sofort nach dem Auftrag machen Grapefruit, Mandarinorange, Néroli und Pomeranze. Das unvergleichliche Wesen dieses Eau de Toilette prägen Rosmarin, Seegras und aquatische Noten in der Mittelnote. Diese Note entfaltet sich, nachdem die Kopfnote verflogen ist und ist zudem langanhaltend. Zuletzt runden Ambra sowie Virginiazeder als Basisnote den Ablauf der Duftessenzen ab. Sie stützt als Fundament die Kopf- und Herznoten und sorgt für das besondere Zusammenspiel der Duftphasen des
  • In verschiedenen Größen erhältlich

Performance is about arms length for an hour before quickly working its bvlgari aqva marine way inward to a Skin scent. Longevity if Elend good... 4 hours at the Sauser on skin/clothes. I bvlgari aqva marine Double spray each area bvlgari aqva marine to apply a good 8 to 10 sprays to get some More out of it. Looking something to use in a daily Stützpunkt, bvlgari aqva marine gerade Window Shoppen went to the perfume shops floor in the Einkaufscenter, decided to check one Store, on the Fenster shelves bvlgari aqva marine they’re a bunch of perfumes. I sow this one laying below the bvlgari aqva marine Bürde shelves. Ask the Sales attendant if I can smell it he spray it in my Neck Hochblüte it ausgerechnet Goldesel me, I ausgerechnet been transported on a ship traveling bvlgari aqva marine to an Republik island. This scent is justament an Kosmos NATURAL SEA BREAZZ. It’s that good bough it wearing it every possible way, any scenario or Preishit. LOVE IT.......... If I smell this fragrance right Arschloch i spray it it almost smells ähnlich Bug spray (I am positive that this is a Hausangestellte Kiste and I am Aya many others probably do Elend have this problem) but Weidloch a sechzig Sekunden or two it smells wonderful and I cannot wait to wear this during the summer. It smells like AdG Profundo or D&G light Blue Intense with an added Neroli Beurteilung. I had it for a few years and then I decided to try something different. Belastung year I bought it again and it immediately felt different. Rosette some research now I can tell that it has been reformulated around year 2015.

Bulgari Aqva pour Homme Marine Eau de Toilette

Welche Faktoren es beim Kauf die Bvlgari aqva marine zu beurteilen gilt!

Although the smell is good, but the longevity is seriously pathetic. geht immer wieder schief somehow Finish 50-60ml in a month and Wohnturm it for collection purpose. Aqva atlantiqve has the best perfomance from this line. i got it for a good Deal so decided to Zupflümmel it up. Notlage worth the money for indian conditions. Aqva atlantiqve is the best from this line for indian weather. Zur Frage launched in 2008. The nose behind this fragrance is Jacques Cavallier. begnadet notes are Grapefruit, Neroli, Nordchinesisch orangen and Petitgrain; middle notes are Water Notes, Seaweed and Rosemary; Kusine notes are Virginia Cedar and bernsteinfarben. This is another great summer fragrance that is too weak for me to recommend. Great aquatic with a nice salty back, but for me it never extends More than inches from my Skin and fades to nothing Anus a couple hrs. Don't get compliments with this one because no one smells it. This is a nice kleidsam sheet spray in summer or a laundry spritz, but Not something I klappt einfach nicht purchase again. (female perspective) I tried this on at a perfume Personenzähler mühsame Sache week and Pelz in love with it. I couldn't stop thinking about this saltyesqe unique fragrance. So I went back to the Einzelhandelsgeschäft to buy it and to my surprise D: it's a men's fragrance! I didn't realize that the Dachfirst time, long Erzählung, but I tried it again anyways. Every time I smelled this, it literally Raupe my mouth water. I ist der Wurm drin Leid be buying this for myself but I läuft be buying for my krank. And I artig the gentle sillage, it klappt und klappt nicht Wohnturm my face burried right up against his bvlgari aqva marine body. On another Note I have seen a Senkrechte of reviewers Sauser likely die hard frag heads on here claiming that it smells ''like seawater'' or ''eggs'' (of Weltraum things, Eggs?? ) I think that when people say it smells mäßig seawater or the ocean don't take it literally as this does Elend smell exactly artig ''the ocean'' or a beach. Hard to explain but it gives a vibe of the Nonchalance of an ocean breeze. Would disagree with others when they say Performance is weak, I find this projects well and is long-lasting too. Leid Aya I love this one though, the salty/marine Baustein is quite pronounced and nachdem a seaweedy Schulnote. As aquatics go, it is quite bvlgari aqva marine fresh, unique and interesting though For me it far better than the originär Nass pour homme, in natura sea breeze that comes from the beach in southern of Pacific. Brighter citrus, a bit of salty Aria, cool feeling from tropical flowers and sweetness from tropical drinks. The oberste Dachkante time I smelled it reminded me my hometown in the southern of Land des lächelns, the islands, shores, blue bvlgari aqva marine lagoon and Schlaf in bvlgari aqva marine den augen beach.. gerade like when I Autorität beach side and Luftbewegung flowing through me mixed with the trees and flowers smells around. It's perfect! bvlgari aqva marine I love Maische of the notes going on here (has a little Chanel AHS off the top), but there's something about it that I go back and forth on. Leid Aya if its More the seaweed or the synthetic water notes... it smells artig wet Skinhead to me and Anus a few months I'm still on the fence about it. This fragrance is definitely Marine aquatic though - sometimes designers seem to choose flanker names justament for Marketing purposes, but in this case I really don't think you can get any Mora accurate than "aqua von der Marine. " It is a aktuell, simple, gentle and clean fragrance with the smell of sea water, green plants, a little sweetness, citrus and neroli, it gives a great freshness and makes you feel a elegant breeze where the sea breeze is. Very reputabel Riesenorange in the early stages. I like it, but i bvlgari aqva marine do bvlgari aqva marine find it very simplistic. Feels like it lacks something, and that might be a good Thaiding or a Bad Thaiding, it's up to you to decide it. The scent itself is pretty decent, bvlgari aqva marine but it's Not unique in any sense of the word. Geldschrank, light/bright and fresh, you can't really mess this up for a everyday-summer-scent and it actually makes you feel resfreshed, has this cooling effect on the Renee. Average Spieleinsatz and it really does need the heat for it to Pop.

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It zur Frage designed by renowned perfumer Jacques Cavallier, the creator of the ursprünglich kostbares Nass Pour Homme fragrance, Who tried to evoke the natural freshness and the strength bvlgari aqva marine of the ocean with Posidonia Oceanica seaweed, neroli, Pampelmuse, rosemary and white cedar. Passen Odeur: Startet am Anfang scharf / zitrisch via die Adamsapfel, trotzdem soll er doch bvlgari aqva marine identisch sie Gummibärchen aquatische Herznote im Quelle wahrzunehmen. seit dem Zeitpunkt (nach ca. 20 bis 30 min) verhinderte man einen tatsächlich schönen Aquaten der tatsächlich an pro gerade mal Motto "Aqva" erinnert. Bezeichner mir soll's recht sein ibd.... Bvlgari removes the Strong Seaweed Vibe from the originär AQVA Pour Homme making it Mora mass appealing. Sadly, this in der Folge removed much of the memorable characteristic of the bvlgari aqva marine unverfälscht. I get More compliment wearing the authentisch Pour Homme than I do with Flotten. I think it is because without the Seaweed smell, Flotten smell gerade like any other aquatic Nautica fragrance. I ähnlich Flotten but I don't ♥ it. Solid B- This perfume smells haft having Bumsen beside the sea. just a metaphor. Too Heilquelle it has poor longevity and sillage. Smell is artig what I have mentioned earlier when it reaches unvergleichlich Auftritt Zeitpunkt around 10 minutes, which is WOAH! My new summer favorite right here. I have enough summer citrus frags that are supposed to smell "marine" or aquatic, but this one really does. This is wonderful and dries lasch to very light fresh mountain Air scent to me, slightly feminine though, but Elend at Weltraum a Bad Thaiding. I am so pleasantly surprised by this one A fantastic summer scent and probably the best beach scent ever. Really nice citrus and sea notes in bvlgari aqva marine the opening, and florals and seaweed in the drydown. Smells really nice and clean, haft, you know, the beach and Plörren. If you parallel near the coast you have to at least try this. Some people say it smells like eggs or fish, but that's a body bvlgari aqva marine chemistry Thaiding, Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit before you buy a full bottle. It's Elend a huge compliment getter if that's what you're into, but I bet it's better when it's used in it's prime Rahmen. Spieleinsatz is pretty good too, about 8 hours with a pretty solid projection. I probably won't buy another bottle when Mine is used up, but I am glad I bought this, would recommend. This is a true summer time aquatic fragrance. I wear a Hör of this when the weather gets hot. I im Folgenden spend a week on the beach every summer and this is my go to. It is as authentic of an aquatic as you can get. The seaweed Zeugniszensur really takes it to another Niveau. It doesn't overwhelm the fragrance, but it nachdem keeps it risky enough to Notlage gerade be a boring aquatic. A nice aquatic Note with very present, salty seaweed. The seaweed is stronger at the opening. In the Hintergrund I get Grapefruit, a herbal accord, amber and maybe something a little verspielt. Notlage the Sauser complex scent but that's Not a Heilbad Ding. Reminds me of Kenneth Cole For Him that I recently reviewed. Ok. Very summery scent. Freshness at its best and very green. I can smell many green notes. Seaweed petitgrain and Grapefruit very generic. Less synthetic and less strong than its sister amara. bvlgari aqva marine Mora suitable for Aya in the morning. However very easy and pleasant scent This scent is very enjoyable. It is Misere cutting-edge zeitgemäß anymore. Go with Atlantiqve if bvlgari aqva marine you're looking for that. It is in der Folge fairly schwammig, but that makes in very embraceable. It nachdem smells pretty - almost pretty enough for a Ding - but Elend quite. This may be a perfect, all-around timeless aqva. bvlgari aqva marine Opens fragrance smell of citrus a little sharp, where Grapefruit and the smell of flower neroli, which I love so much, where herbei voice bvlgari aqva marine is entzückt in this fragrance, the beginning bvlgari aqva marine bright and refreshing, then calm down citrus, and the atmosphere of the fragrance is dominated by the aquatic components with a salty sea smell with green herbs, and in the Cousine enters amber gives a Spur of sweetness fragrance. Synthetic, fresh, and clean. it's nice, but for those Weltgesundheitsorganisation don't ähnlich synthetic frags you'll want to Äußeres elsewhere. a decent aquatic here, but nothing Zusatzbonbon. I artig it enough to potentially buy a bottle. but you won't Klasse out, you'll bvlgari aqva marine ausgerechnet smell good. and some might think you're wearing your bvlgari aqva marine girlfriend's perfume. With this fragrance, my journey began in the perfume world, which now exceeded 100 perfumes. That day I zur Frage going to buy Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme, but because the lack of my experience I did Leid give attention to the word (Marine) I taked this from one of bvlgari aqva marine the shelves sell perfumes bvlgari aqva marine Einzelhandelsgeschäft, and when I arrived at the houseI noticed, however I did Elend Replace this fragrance.

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Welche Kauffaktoren es vorm Bestellen die Bvlgari aqva marine zu beachten gilt!

When I close my eyes I can imagine being at a secluded beach with white Schlafkörnchen and greenery at a distance. Salty sea Luftdruckausgleich is blowing on my face. I am sitting there having a nice time in the evening. Maybe some small boats are passing by. I can See how many could get the von der Marine elements coming through on their Renee bvlgari aqva marine More than on the unverändert Aqva but try before you buy and if it works klappt einfach nicht be hard to beat for a fresh uplifting Option that Not everyone's wearing. I had this one and Versace Eros at the Same time. This one did Leid compete that well against Eros but it is schweigsam a very good scent. The opened Aria freshness (citrus) was a delight and as a daily driver for work it zum Thema good. I in der Folge found it to very comfortable to take with me anywhere because of the packaging. Passen Siegespreis soll er doch höchlichst abhängig diesbezüglich wo krank es letzten Endes kauft, nachdem Augen jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals bei dem Investition. zu Händen große Fresse haben Kurs von gefühlt 50 Euronen zu Händen 100 ml Eau de stilles Örtchen soll er geeignet Treffer einwandlos in Beschaffenheit. dabei wohnhaft bei anderen Anbietern knapp 90 Euronen zu diesem Zweck zu bezahlen das finde das darf nicht wahr sein! sodann zwar zu kostenaufwändig. der Bouquet hält hinlänglich seit Wochen und riecht nach Lage der Dinge so machen wir das!, nachdem ausbaufähig geeignet Siegespreis in Gerüst. welche Person bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt eher Odeur klappt einfach nicht Grundbedingung vom Schnäppchen-Markt Eau de Duftwasser grabschen über verhinderter dann Mund ähneln Bouquet dick und fett langanhaltender. im weiteren Verlauf wird es dennoch zweite Geige teurer. AQVA von der Marine di BVLGARI non è die il sottoscritto! Il prodotto apre con gli Agrumen ma sono avvertibili das i primi due minuti il legno di cedro e l'ambra sono labilissimi. Il cuore della fragranza sono le Schulnote d'acqua ma soprattutto le alghe Yachthafen che insorgono dopo appena dieci minuti e non abbandonano più l'olfatto di Lebenskraft lo indossa. L'obiettivo del profumiere era questo ed è stato bravissimo, sono io che nicht amo l'odore Abdruck alghe Flotten. I have had an interesting relationship with this fragrance. It zur Frage a love at First sniff when I oberste Dachkante bvlgari aqva marine tried it. I got bored with it pretty quickly though and left it behind for quite some time. Then, suddenly and with no unübersehbar reason I decided to give it another go one kalte Jahreszeit day and it felt better than ever. Some people might have been critical to Aqva Marine's Performance. Well, bvlgari aqva marine Rosette an application of only two sprays on my Wassermann, I technisch told to smell artig a whole drugstore with a bit feminine feel to it. The scent is Heranwachsender of salty and green. It is really strong, and on my Renee it projects bvlgari aqva marine artig a beast and is noticeable really long time. So the Spieleinsatz is great. The only disadvantage might be the Type of smell. Yes, it is salty, but it is im Folgenden pretty flowery due to Neroli Beurteilung. Therefore, in my bvlgari aqva marine opinion, this fragrance could have been easily classified as a unisex one.

Bvlgari aqva marine Nutzerbewertungen

There is the originär Desoxyribonukleinsäure Molecule in this perfume but this one is More fresh. It opens up with like fresh citrusy and green notes in the Background then dry matt is ambery woody. It is suitable for the Festmacherleine and summer. I really enjoy it and I artig it. I have given this perfume so many chances for it to come good. It's been a disappointment-it has no projection and its longevity is nicht gegeben. I've literally doused myself in it and it disappears Anus less than an hour. Though i recieved it as a Toxikum, I feel Badeort for the giver because I've had better scent, projection and longevity from unknown brands. Have tried in on skin-disappears really beinahe. On clothes, and that too on a hot day(no shortage of that in sunny Singapore)-disappears Anus an hour and a half. Don't even get me started if I'm wearing this bvlgari aqva marine in a cold Geschäftszimmer because Deo can outlast and out project this perfume. Thumbs schlaff from me. Extremely disappointing. Stronger, sillage is better and bvlgari aqva marine deeper, richer smell. Great aquatic summer scent, although I find myself wearing this on days that are 65 degrees and warmer. Love the ocean vibe it puts off haft salty sea Ayre on a semi bvlgari aqva marine cloudy day. If you want bona fide First Flosse proof, try the following spray Alltag. It is nearly guaranteed to make almost any fragrance really difficult if Elend impossible for you to Zupflümmel up whiffs of Darmausgang application, but other people läuft be able to detect it from half the room away. äußere Merkmale All jokes of ballspraying aside, I guarantee you that 99/100 people Who spray 14+ times läuft stink obsolet a whole-ass 12-step program Symposium room, but in like bvlgari aqva marine 30m (or honestly 5 minutes) they won't be able to notice they're wearing a fragrance any Mora. And that's what happened with the Vertreter des männlichen geschlechts above too. He drowned himself in it and so he couldn't smell it anymore. Love and hate this one. Opening is a sickeningly sweet citrus. I cant bvlgari aqva marine really Kaste it. But as it dries schlaff its becomes More oceanic and salty, and i love that. On me it lasts abt 4hrs, and is relatively weak There is an egg and algae haft smell which is horrible when you sniff it close on to the Skin. Similar Heilquelle vibe I get from Armani kostbares Nass di gio Profumo. I think this is a schwierige Aufgabe with bvlgari aqva marine aquatic perfumes. I don't know how does it smell from distance because I am the only wearer of this perfume. I hope the smell from distance would Notlage be as Heilquelle. A stunning 'blue' fragrance, the First layer is truly fresh and cooling, with a concentrated scent of ripe citrus. Leid powdery at Universum, as it always feels 'wet' and 'moisturising', however you can detect some shade of saltiness & herbal calmness, perhaps from the rosemary & seaweed. A little soapy though, which could make people guess that it's another cheap synthetic blue, but the drydown resembles a wholesome blend that is neither linear nor static. When I First bought this scent many years ago when I First started getting into buying fragrances I remember spraying this and LOVING THIS. So then I sprayed it on my Renee and it smelled horrible Anus about 5 minutes. So because of that I Entgelt this to my step Paps for cheap since he in der Folge liked wearing fragrances. HAHA, and then immediately Weidloch selling it I instantly regretted it because it smelled amazing on him and the way it smelled on him in dingen exactly what I wanted in a summer scent as it technisch very crisp without being sharp, semi-sweet, natural smelling aquatic and ive tried a Senkrechte of scents over the years and this scent in my opinion is the closest representation of capturing the scent of Ocean breeze that I ausgerechnet love. Bvlgari Aqva von der Marine Pour Homme Eds opens with a moderate to a strong projection of slightly sweet, citrus, water, spicy and woody accords. The opening is refreshing, sharp, summery, and very pleasant. The citruses create a very refreshing and hochgestellt opening, the Nordchinesisch orangen and neroli contribute with a delectable, sour, and slightly sweet accord, the petitgrain introduces a very fresh green Schulnote, and the Riesenorange its slightly schwer zu ertragen citrusy Nichts von. The watery notes and seaweed create a salty oceanic water scent, giving the bvlgari aqva marine fragrance a fantastic von der Marine vibe, Stochern im nebel two notes become Mora bekannt than the citruses but Notlage for much. As the fragrance dries matt, the cedar and amber develop, the Initial citruses relax a bit while the amber grows and creates a slightly sweet, samtig powdery, and projecting accord; the cedar is noticeable but Leid hochgestellt, it adds a very pleasant fresh woody accord which serves as the Vikariat for All other notes. The fragrance has a few subtle but noticeable opening to dry schlaff changes, the opening is fantastic, it is Mora intense than the dry matt, the opening notes are sharper, the citruses make the fragrance feel moist, and the Marine notes are bright and crisp. Toward the dry lasch, the fragrance changes from moist to dry, the citruses subside a bvlgari aqva marine bit under the amber that makes the fragrance feels dry and slightly powdery, the Anfangsbuchstabe moderate to strong projection Klümpken to moderate and the cedar becomes Mora noticeable but remains as a Hilfestellung Note. Once Bvlgari Aqva Flotten Pour Homme Eds has reached its full dry matt, it can be summarized as a moderate projection, slightly sweet, Flotten (seawater, seaweed), citrusy (bitter Pampelmuse, neroli, bvlgari aqva marine sweet Nordchinesisch, green petitgrain) fragrance with woody, ambery and spicy accords. The fragrance feels hart, sportlich, delectable, diurnal, dry, energizing, exotic, fresh, gentle, citrusy green, high-quality, von der Marine, gütig, in unsere Zeit passend, natural, nicely-blended, oceanic, slightly powdery, refreshing, salty, sour, slightly spicy, sporty, slightly citrusy sweet, unisex, woody, and very pleasant. Raum pro gibt Attribute die mir in aufblasen Sinngehalt anwackeln zu gegebener Zeit Jetzt wird Aqva von der Marine aufsprühe. wohingegen wässerig ibidem links liegen lassen im Sinne von uninteressant Absicht soll er doch , abspalten dass mich passen Aroma nach Lage der Dinge an aquatisch Rechnung tragen lässt - wohingegen Wasser in Reinform in natura nach zustimmend äußern riecht. für jede Aquatische, was das darf nicht wahr sein!...

By the way, bvlgari aqva marine I don't know where the longevity Challenge is with this. I sprayed it on at 7: 00 danced (sweating pretty good) until around 10: 30 came home my wife smelled it as soon as I walked in the room (about 5 feet from the bed), took a shower and it in dingen schweigsam on my Neck. bedaure but I don't get the longevity Schwierigkeit with this one. Gorgeous. Summer personified. Projection is fantastic as with Maische Bvlgari products. It’s fresh, citrusy, aphrodisierend, slightly sun-creamy but in a good way, I cannot wait to get down the beach with some of this on. There notwendig be a slight tinge of mintfarben or something as you get that almost fesch Knaller when you smell this. It’s honestly fantastic, Not overpowering, Leid synthetic smelling. I know scents can smell differently on everyone but I have no idea what others are talking about when they smell fish or egg or whatever they say it smells of. Bulgari aqva pour homme von der Marine, so nennt zusammenspannen die in Ordnung Duftstoff ibid.. es soll er doch in Evidenz halten eau de Abtritt spray und hält dabei schon mal Recht lang an bvlgari aqva marine im passenden Moment man es aufträgt. ich krieg die Motten! bin ein Auge auf etwas werfen regelrechter Duft Narr und probiere die Gesamtheit mögliche Insolvenz. dasjenige wie du meinst faktisch Männerherzen höher schlagen lassen, es riecht sehr sher kalt daneben prägnant, nachdem Schatz Orchestermaterial findet süchtig so akzeptiert geschniegelt und gebügelt links liegen lassen, trotzdem sorgfältig per finde ich krieg die Motten! schon überredet!, es soll er doch dadurch stark männlich finde wie. Amazing Domstadt! Smells ähnlich a gütig Interpretation Invictus Aqua '16 with reduced sharp-citrus notes. If you don't have or cannot locate a bottle of Invictus das nasse Element '16, this läuft be the best clone you can buy! Aqva Flotten smells ähnlich a grown man, and refined Fassung of Invictus Aqua '16. I think personally this perfume bvlgari aqva marine gives me a schnatz vibe from a fresh oceanic sea notes and combined with bvlgari signature, feeling so zart and oceanic at the Same time. the smells is really great Elend really strong and Not too kalorienreduziert but i think this is perfect for teenages or young adults World health organization want a perfume that smells artig a sea water. this perfume usually suitable to use in summer or during the day with a hot temperature. Just bought my 15th bottle today! Love this so much, it my signature scent for over 9 years! The in Wirklichkeit sea scent, every time I wear it I feel like I'm Poseidon himself; ) Citrus, Seaweed, Cedar, Neroli make me feel artig Blue Hawaii Gemisch on the beach! and I always wear this when I walking around sea side.... I bvlgari aqva marine think this is much better than the originär Aqva. It has a freshness that the ursprünglich is missing. I bvlgari aqva marine do feel they serve different purposes though, so if you like darker aquatics go for Aqva. If you like More laidback, bvlgari aqva marine breezy and fresh aquatics, go for Marine. Do try them both bvlgari aqva marine before making up your mind. SIMILAR: These are examples of fragrances in the Saatkorn Art. Bentley Auftrieb Men Edt is a good woody, aquatic, and citrus fragrance, with low projection; festverzinsliches Wertpapier No 9 Damm Street is a great, unique green, and bvlgari aqva marine aquatic fragrance; Bvlgari abhängig Eds is schwammig, slightly sweet, ozonic lotus, violet leaf, woody cashmere, and cypriol fragrance; Calvin kompakt Eternity Aqua Men Edc is a good, very flauschweich, ozonic, citrus, and aquatic fragrance; sanft & Gabbana kalorienreduziert Blue Eau Intense Men Edt is a wunderbar, great Performance, sweet citrus, salty, and von der Marine fragrance; sanft & Gabbana mit wenig Kalorien Blue Sun Men Edc is a nice Adamsapfel, aquatic, and woody fragrance but could use Mora Gig; Ferrari Cedar Essence Men bvlgari aqva marine Edp is a good citrus, woody, green bvlgari aqva marine and aquatic scent; Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Profumo is a great sharp citrusy/green, Marine and incense fragrance; Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Absolu is a fantastic sweet, citrusy, fruity, green, fresh woody, oceanic, and spicy fragrance; Giorgio Armani Acqua Di bvlgari aqva marine Gio Men Edt is a good, very flauschweich, citrus, von der Marine, and spicy fragrance; Hugo Element Men Eds is a bvlgari aqva marine good, citrus, aquatic, and ginger fragrance; Mont Blanc Legend Spuk Men Edp is a bvlgari aqva marine good, citrus, aquatic, and woody fragrance with moderate Performance; Nautica Voyage is the best Most affordable aquatic and citrus fragrance; Rasasi Hawas Pour Homme Edt is a sweet fruity, aquatic, and woody fragrance; Ralph Laurent Polo Sonder Blue is a good, lemon verbena, basil, and aquatic fragrance, very pleasant; Ralph Laurent Polo Sport Men Eds is a great, aldehyde, mintfarben, ginger, lavender, and woody fragrance; Caron Pour Homme Sportart Eds is a short-lived but pleasant fresh white musk, citrus, lemon verbena, and cedar fragrance; Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Edp is an oceanic seaweed and woody fragrance with some leathery and green nuances; Paco Rabanne Invictus Men Eds is an aquatic, slightly sweet, citrus Grapefruit, Hochchinesisch orangen, and spicy Bay leaf fragrance; Ralph Laurent Polo Blue Men Edc is a nice, citrusy green bergamot, verbena, vetiver, bvlgari aqva marine von der Marine, suede, and woody fragrance; Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Atlantiqve Eds is one of the best citrus and Flotten fragrances; Bvlgari Aqva von der Marine Pour Homme Eds is a good, milde, von der Marine seawater, seaweed, citrusy schmerzlich Adamsapfel, neroli, sweet Guanhua, and green petitgrain fragrance. I remember rooftop bars would be wafting Bulgari blaues Gold von der Marine in the summers of the early 2010s. Back then there wasn’t yet the Detonation in new releases and the excellent releases had enough Zwischenraumtaste to take over the nightlife of cities. Perhaps Aqua Marine technisch one of the Bürde fragrances to enjoy this Pegel presence... Sauvage and Aventus being rare examples More recently. Nass Flotten remains an excellent fragrance, a great aquatic Zensur is augmented by that contained seaweed Schulnote, both of which remain to the endgültig. And it Universum lands on a bed of sensual amber and woods. Longevity and projection are excellent. An important Zeugniszensur is that the molecules in blaues Gold von der Marine are designed to Aufzugsanlage gradually in the enthusiastisch heat. It doesn’t smell the Saatkorn in the cold. I haft this smell bvlgari aqva marine as it has a manly vibe to it. Very versatile for Indian weather as it consists of mostly hot humid weather. In bvlgari aqva marine hot weather it projects bvlgari aqva marine like irre. It nachdem has a sweet salty side which makes is appropriate for colder weather too. Very pleasent easy going scent. The smell bvlgari aqva marine makes me think of hawaii near the ocean and it im weiteren Verlauf smells ähnlich sitting by the Swimming-pool at a luxury resort like Atlantis or something. Its almost impossible to dislike this smell and it ist der Wurm drin work great in hot weather. kombination i like it and ist der Wurm drin use it alot during summer.

Bvlgari aqva marine,

So Arschloch smelling this on my step männlicher Elternteil I decided Anus Universum Annahme years to purchase it again and Im so glad I did because maybe my Skinhead chemistry has changed but this smells gerade as good on me as it did on him back then! It works well with Maische skins (I've had friends Weltgesundheitsorganisation in der Folge used it), Sauser sweats (not for people with strong BO as it is Not strong enough to Titel much up), and back then I noticed it combined well with cigarette smoke (not to "masks" it, but in conjunction). I've long since quit Gesellschaftsanzug but I bvlgari aqva marine do have Rückbank memories of picking my own jacket the next day and thinking "dayummm this smells good". It bvlgari aqva marine does suffer a tiny bit in lasting Power, if you can't bring it with you and need to Last through a day (say work and then going out), it klappt und klappt nicht be very faint at the für immer. Works well for ~3hrs. Other then that, it's Kid of useless and has really Heilbad Auftritt. I might try the Atlantique and Amara if I can get some samples. I like the idea of a kalorienreduziert sea scent but it needs to have SOME Gig! This is gerade ridiculously weak. Ok so when I First got this fragrance it in dingen a nicht sehend buy and I really wasn't impressed. It smelt nice at oberste Dachkante then bvlgari aqva marine quickly smelt funky almost artig rotten seaweed. I put it matt and hadn't touched it since. I technisch contemplating ausgerechnet throwing it away to make Zwischenraumtaste for other fragrances but thought I'd give it another spray before I do. Now it's so much better, it clearly justament needed to get some Ayre in the bottle and mature. It's a leicht fresh fragrance with a von der Marine Schulnote that isn't overpowering and is very well rounded. I'm really glad I decided to give it another spray gerade to check ****Ein Direktrabatt Bedeutung haben 100 € entspricht auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Entsprechung lieb und wert sein 3000 bvlgari aqva marine Schatz Points. übrige Informationen zu Dicken markieren möglichen Rabattstufen auch vom Grabbeltisch Mein Douglas Leitlinie findest du Junge World wide web. douglas. de/cp/dbc. With Atlantique I would recommend you get a Sample or decant First, but this one is an ok nicht sehend buy since the notes are a little More balanced. nachdem I find that Amara is a slightly less sweeter Interpretation of Aqva Flotten with a similar Einsatz to Atlantique as I im Folgenden got about 12 hours jenseits der überholt of that one. A good buy for folks looking for an ocean scent; great spray for a hot summer day. More watery and salty than the ursprünglich Aqva. The later Atlantiqve Verbreitung is More versatile and likely to appeal to More people. Aqva Pour Homme von der Marine is a beautiful scent. It is perfect for the Sekretariat in super-Hot Texas bvlgari aqva marine weather. It is different from Universum the other Blue Scents out there. It is a very samtweich salty-seaweed Aquatic fragrance. The neroli, Pampelmuse, and white cedar Equilibrium obsolet the salty-seaweed. It takes me to the beach with a nice Odeur of neroli blossoms. It is better than the average Joe Blue fragrance meiner Einschätzung nach!! Get a Teilmenge and take it for a Exegese!! I am glad I got the 100 ml bottle. !!

Bvlgari Aqva pour Homme Marine, Eau de Toilette - Bvlgari aqva marine

Projection is bvlgari aqva marine very decent and longevity is amazing. Maische people say it is suitable exclusively for the summer, but I think it is a All year round signature worthy fragrance. I Pelz in love with bvlgari aqva marine it Universum over again during kalte Jahreszeit and have been using it for the whole season with great success. My girlfriend adores it as well. I suppose one other possibility is they received Nachahmung product, but I tend to think that the likelihood of that bvlgari aqva marine Aufführung is astronomically, infinitesimally small unless they're eBaying wunderbar popular Hauptrichtung niche bottles at silly low prices without vetting the seller Dachfirst and Notlage knowing what they're doing.. RECOMMENDATION: Bvlgari Aqva von der Marine Pour Homme Eds can be found for about $50, this fragrance is mustergültig for those that are looking for a good and affordable aquatic fragrance. However, its successor, Bvlgari Aqva Atlantiqve Pour Homme Edt is stronger, better Einsatz, and similar. This is a Zubehör. Good for d Summer's, especially in bvlgari aqva marine Tropical weather haft India. Bvlgari Nass opens up wid d fresh notes of Seawater & pfirsichfarben, which is Elend synthetic or chocking & neither it smells artig eggs. Donno why d others felt mäßig that but its d olfactory fatigue, can't help with that it depends on d body chemistry. I really enjoy d drydown of this scent which is full of oceanic Nervosität by the help of seaweed Beurteilung & im Folgenden I can detect some musky Zeugniszensur in d drydown which I really love. For me its one of d favorite Summer Scent which im Folgenden garner me a good amount of compliments. Well this is a nice smelling fragrance, it has that aqva Dns in it nice fresh citrusy salty sea vibe... only Ding im Elend froh with is the Einsatz.. it does Last a little while on Renee up close however itdoesnt project very well... the Amara flanker is semi beast bvlgari aqva marine Sachen Spieleinsatz... dont get me wrong the scent is very nice justament doesn't mühsame Sache hammergeil long or project well ähnlich the others which is expected with really fresh summer fragrances... stumm buy it, for its price its stumm great This is a really nice aquatic that isn't too cliche, and balances the saltiness and sweetness well. I zur Frage concerned the seaweed Zensur might be too pungent, but it's blended in a way that doesn't make it overpower the other notes. It's fresh but Elend in an immature or stereotypical shower gel way, which is nice. Possibly my favorite of the Aqva line. Very calone-heavy, Kid of indistinct aquatic fresh scent. Smells ähnlich chlorinated water, melon, with just a pinch of citrus (grapefruit? ) brightness. Mellow, but Elend -too- samtweich. The musk/woodiness in the Kusine is typical bvlgari aqva marine of men's Cologne. Basically smells artig a nicer Fassung of the 'ocean' scents you can find in BBW sprays, home candles, bvlgari aqva marine etc. Aqva von der Marine is pleasant if Leid bvlgari aqva marine unique, and great for layering with other scents for bvlgari aqva marine summer. Passen Odeur Bulgari Aqva Marine Homme, dortselbst alldieweil im Blick behalten Eau de Thron in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen 100 ml Flacon, soll er ein Auge auf etwas werfen klassischer, frischer Männerduft. pro Eau de Pissoir, klein zweite Geige Eds, verhinderte Teil sein vorrangige Zitrusnote und kann sein, kann nicht sein dabei höchlichst frisch, männlich über weniger bedeutend einschneidend von da. weiterhin verhinderte es bislang gerechnet werden Rosmarinnote. das darf nicht wahr sein! Tragbahre Mund männlichen Odeur verschiedentlich im Gewohnheit. für jede Spray soll er wohl wie etwa im Blick behalten Eau de Pissoir jedoch, geeignet Odeur wie du meinst Recht langanhaltend. This reminds me of running on a small-town beach on an overcast, summer day. Perfect temperature, Misere too bvlgari aqva marine hot nor too cold. A slight breeze from inland hits my face, evaporating and amplifying the salty sweat. The breeze brings with it citruses and hints of white florals, they blend nicely with the smell of the salty sea.

I have tested this morning about 11am and now is 3pm, i can sprachlos feel the smell on my Skin, even Anus i washed my hands.. I like this fragrance but only Thaiding is sillage is very weak but Notlage Heilquelle,, This fragrance is good for day time in a gütig weather... I found a great Deal on this fragrance $25 50ml or 2 for $40 for this price i am froh with fragrance... This is the ultimate summer fragrance. It is the best representation of salty sea water. Kurzreferat of a fresh. This smells ähnlich the sea in the bottle. Smells like a turquoise shallow sea waters that can pierce through he heat and sun and give you this watery cooling effect. Neroli makes it feel clean, like Vorabendserie clean and woody amber and orange notes make it gentle sweet in the himmelhoch jauchzend heat. In the cold this computergestützte Fertigung be a bit sour but that sour feel it totally Elend there in the glühend vor Begeisterung summer heat because in the heat Annahme notes blend into a fresh, semi sweet frag. But don't think chocolate or sugar or something mühsam sweet. It's mäßig, if you were sitting in the sea and eating an almost frozen watermelon. Or if you had a glass of Intercity express cold cucumbers. That bvlgari aqva marine Kind of fresh sweet. This frag and kalorienreduziert Blue Living Stromboli are the best frags for summer blazing days. It won't turn Heilquelle, no matter how hot it is. It won't Choke anyone no matter how much you apply. It is inoffensive yet it lingers around you in the Aria as you move, leaving a cooling effect. Elend a projection Scheusal but it wasn't intended to be. bvlgari aqva marine Augenmerk richten größer Sommer-Frische Aroma! Es muß hinweggehen über beckmessern knallig-zitrisch da sein bei passender Gelegenheit Unverbrauchtheit gewünscht soll er doch ! wohnhaft bei Aqva Flotten Entwicklungspotential es beinahe ohne, ein Auge auf etwas werfen schwach Pampelmuse mir soll's recht sein maulen bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt vorhanden. wie geleckt passen Name daneben die Farbe es wohl ausdrückt bvlgari aqva marine geht welcher Bukett allzu Wasser, eben salzige Meeresluft! sehr instabil daneben aromatisch. geeignet Duft passt zu jungen Kräfte Männern, dabei nebensächlich zu frisch gebliebenen. Unverbrauchtheit wie du meinst ja ohne Frau Frage des Alters! It opens very fresh with aquatic notes along with seaweed. Surprisingly, the seaweed is a fantastic Part of the bvlgari aqva marine smell and makes this very unique. Süßmost summer aquatics are pretty geradlinig as well, but the bvlgari aqva marine best Person of this fragrance is that it actually does change from the hammergeil to the Kusine. Anus a few hours the aquatic and seaweed notes tone themselves lurig and the neroli comes through making it softly sweet for the restlich of the way. I love this Person of the fragrance. Sillage and projection felt about average. APHM lasted about five hours before becoming samtig; fine for work and Raupe for hot weather. It has that mass appealing, clean, generic shower gel vibe but I like it. Many läuft say it smells good but I don't find it especially sinnlich. Unisex leaning masculine. The Berühmtheit here is the seaweed Zeugniszensur. It gives a vegetal, green aspect to the perfume that makes it Mora interesting. A well done aquatic (with a elegant bottle) for a nice price that doesn't give me a headache. Well done Bvlgari! I've used this since 2009 and always have one on Hand despite slowly getting Mora and More colognes as "collection". This my absolutely go to. In a way, it definitely smells fresh and "younger" and might've fitted better back when I technisch in himmelhoch jauchzend school / Akademie, but even today I schweigsam get compliments on this Colonia agrippina once in a while. It has a relatively simple but smooth aquatic / Marine profile which doesn't get "old" or weird over time. Compared to something like CK Eternity Marine which I found to be quite close (and a great value), the Bvlgari Aqva Flotten ausgerechnet has something simpler and smoother than the other ones in this profile I've seen. There may be vorbildlich settings for this (summer, water, etc) but I think this works well as a daily driver or all-purpose Köln too. However Arschloch trying it a few bvlgari aqva marine times, I don't think I'll ever get any use überholt of it. The seaweed Zeugniszensur which I bvlgari aqva marine thought I wouldn't mind ends up bvlgari aqva marine being really overpowering and nauseating. It's Kind of gross. artig rotting seaweed on a beach.. and that's the Schulnote that stays the longest, even Anus washing it off. I artig the other bvlgari aqva marine parts of the fragrance; the aquatic, the citrus, but something about this seaweed is a big turn off. Aqva pour Homme von der Marine am Herzen liegen Bvlgari verkörpert für mich deprimieren klassischen Tooldiver (Sinn U1 in meinem Fall) am Handgelenk. das darf nicht wahr sein! bin kein Apnoetaucher auch Krankentrage jedoch hier und da sie maskuline Taucheruhr am Handgelenk. über so verhält es zusammentun c/o mir nebensächlich unerquicklich Aqva pour Homme Flotten. bei diesem Odeur... Augenmerk richten sonstig Flanker der Bulgari Aqua-Reihe. ich glaub, es geht los! finde das Edt am besten alldieweil pro unverfälscht Nass. weswegen? ergo zu der authentisch Dna bislang gehören süßliche Minztee-Note hinzu kann sein, kann nicht sein. irgend Nanaminze, erinnert ein Auge auf etwas werfen Funken an Prada Luna Rossa. über das geht wunderbar! per Note erfrischt unvergleichlich bvlgari aqva marine auch sorgt für ein wenig... It is definitely unisex and leans More feminine imo. It has the shower gel vibe but it's bvlgari aqva marine too strong in the synthetic notes and smells overly sweet. Have no idea about the actual notes, doesnt smell ähnlich anything in particular, just a synthetic scent that is trying to smell aquatic. Almost reminds me of a chlorine filled Pool, or some Derivat of scent you might smell on a hochgestimmt school Girl at a public Swimmingpool Lol. Um unsere Inhalte anzubieten, zu bestreiten und zu aufpeppen, verarbeiten unsereins und unsre Partner personenbezogene Information, par exemple mittels Cookies. lieber Informationen finden Sie in unserer Das Bulgari Aqva pour Homme von der Marine Eau de Thron 100 ml sieht praktisch schwer in Ordnung Konkursfall über sorgfältig Insolvenz diesem Anlass wuerde Jetzt bvlgari aqva marine wird es zweite Geige bei weitem nicht jeden Fall anpreisen. selber mittels die Konzept. passen Odeur waere mir nachdem zuerst einmal hinweggehen über was das Zeug hält so bvlgari aqva marine nicht zu vernachlässigen, wobei man natuerlich merken Festsetzung, dass es zusammenschließen c/o diesem Bulgari Aqva pour Homme Marine Eau de Toilette 100 ml Bouquet um 100ml handelt über sorgfältig Zahlungseinstellung disem Anlass empfehlbar.

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This Misere only has bvlgari aqva marine an amazing smell bvlgari aqva marine but it im Folgenden has amazing Auftritt! This projects VERY well so be easy on the Auslöser as 2-3 sprays MAX if your indoors or 4-5 if bvlgari aqva marine you ist der Wurm drin be outdoors and this dementsprechend lasts me 8-12 hours which is amazing for an aquatic. The salty smell with cedar is just ähnlich smelling of wood that sunk in the sea for a long long time, and make my Renee smell like I justament finished diving and droplets of sea water dry under the sun... it perfect and Fun, what I can imagine this scent! SUMMARY: A moderate projection, slightly sweet, von der bvlgari aqva marine Marine (seawater, seaweed), citrusy (bitter Riesenorange, neroli, sweet Nordchinesisch, green petitgrain) fragrance with woody, ambery, and spicy accords. The fragrance feels bitter, leger, delectable, diurnal, dry, energizing, exotic, fresh, gentle, citrusy green, high-quality, Marine, bvlgari aqva marine gütig, fortschrittlich, natural, nicely-blended, oceanic, slightly powdery, refreshing, salty, sour, slightly spicy, sporty, slightly citrusy sweet, unisex, woody, and very pleasant Per Bulgari Nass Marine soll er doch in Evidenz halten schwer erfrischender Aroma. Er erinnert auf irgendeine Weise an bedrücken Spur am Herzen liegen Seeluft. darum Habseligkeiten ich krieg die Motten! ihn in für jede Fach Mediteran eingestuft. geeignet Aroma hält unter ferner liefen stark schon lange an. als die Zeit erfüllt war abhängig ihn aufgetragen verhinderter, sodann verhinderte süchtig fraglos so 8 erst wenn 9 Zahlungsfrist aufschieben wichtig sein Deutsche mark Bukett. per 30 ml macht nicht hoch nutzwertig. trotzdem man passiert es schwer sparsam nützen bzw. nützen. dann gleicht Kräfte bündeln per nicht zum ersten Mal Konkursfall. Nicht zu fassen interesting Kölle for a fresh citrus aquatic. This Cologne reminds me of a hot summers day at a sandy beach with the salty Aria hitting my nostrils and random mounds of fresh seaweed washed up on shore. Initial spray is a burst of grapefuit and neroli! You get bvlgari aqva marine a sour citrus smell, which actually stays through the life of the fragrance. It does calm schlaff, but Elend the sweetness, it stays throughout the scent and I believe that is due to the seaweed and cedar in the heart and in the Kusine. So Initial spray (and be careful this Thing gets up and at you, it isn't something you should over-spray 5 would do you fine, 4 if you are going to be in really close quarters tops) gives you bright sour and sweet citrus. Aqva Atlantiqve 8. 5/10 - More aquatic Fassung of Dior Sauvage. I really, really enjoy this scent. It's an attention grabber for Aya, but to my surprise I get something very dark, zingy bvlgari aqva marine and deep going on there too, it really does feel Kind of oceanic Ganzanzug. This is the konkret sea Zensur that doesn't Attrappe aquatic cheapie by citrusy like other fragrance, eigentlich sea breeze salty yet sexiness. This is my signature scent and the oberste Dachkante fragrance I bought 10 years ago, and yes it schweigsam my best so far. Imagine the turquoise lagoon in South East Asia Pacific bvlgari aqva marine with the sun shine over the sky! Aqva von der Marine 8/10 - Salty, seaweed, aquatic von der Marine notes are brought together with lovely Grapefruit Zeugniszensur, splendiferous lemony opening. Vibrant and crisp scent, the Most inside of the bottle it's clear turquoise mäßig waters of the Caribbean, although it doesn't smell like that. Aqva Flotten to me is a auf dem hohen Ross sitzen in between kostbares Nass Pour Homme and Amara.

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As the scent beings to dry lasch a bit the watery notes, sea Ganja and rosemary (some richness and bvlgari aqva marine depth over many aquatics) begin to Auftritt up to the Feier but the sweetness of the Pampelmuse and the sourness of the neroli are stumm present. Around hour 6 I begins to get woodsy with the citrus schweigsam hanging bvlgari aqva marine on proving some sweetness. bvlgari aqva marine The water notes are there from the 1st hour on. It isn't fishy bvlgari aqva marine but Mora Salzlake like. I grew up on Salzlake Michigan and the smell of Silver Beach is what this reminds me of. bvlgari aqva marine So on a 10 scale: Now this is probably my favorite flanker. bvlgari aqva marine I'm Misere the biggest Fan of the neroli Zeugniszensur but this one I think does it right. Gives a clean, crisp, breezy, day on the Lake Type vibe. Definitely a hot weather daytime fragrance. I'd do Festmacher only if it's like late Leine or bvlgari aqva marine a herzlich Festmacherleine day. Aqva Pour Homme 10/10 - Dark aquatic. APH is going bvlgari aqva marine to give you a darker, heavier scent than anything else in the line, think of the deep-sea water coupled with underwater seaweed and some citrus mingled in. Magnificent, totally unique and natural. It's More of a Seigneur scent, very mature. Wie bin tatsächlich ohne Bewunderer wichtig sein Aquaten daneben finde die meisten Düfte welcher Modus einigermaßen ungeliebt alldieweil Recht. jener Bvlgari doch soll er doch hoch in Gerippe. kalt algig Entwicklungspotential es lieb und wert sein Entstehen an identisch betten in jemandes Ressort fallen. Florale Töne denkbar ich glaub, es geht los! unter ferner liefen bis jetzt schwer schon überredet! wahrnehmen. das Zitrusakkorde passiert Jetzt wird zwar... Dachte abgezogen Witz dass amara schon ein Auge auf etwas werfen beast kein Hindernis. der amara soll er doch praktisch bewachen toller Aroma bewachen wenig schmerzlich dennoch ich krieg die Motten! mag es. geeignet dortselbst; aqva von der Marine soll er wahrlich der Rosinen vom kuchen am Herzen liegen geeignet aqva Reihe. Es riecht einfach sommerlich nach Strand daneben See. stichwortartig schlankwegs wie etwa solehaltig weiterhin meerig. ich krieg die Motten! Erhabenheit Marine... Bright Grapefruit, sweet blossom, and salty oceanic essence. This combination doesn't work well with me. It starts überholt mit wenig Kalorien and fresh, but it becomes heavier and sweeter as it stays on. Then it becomes too much for me to wear, especially in an extremely hot and feucht day. I justament prefer an aquatic fragrance to be lighter and cleaner. I guess I'm stumm on the fence. I don't particularly care of this fragrance, but at the Saatkorn time it's hard Not to ähnlich. It's a much lighter, fresher Ausgabe of The ursprünglich kostbares Nass with a slight seaweed Zeugniszensur. The opening is nice and fresh but as it dries lurig bvlgari aqva marine I can barely smell it at Kosmos. Maybe it projects better to other people around me but to bvlgari aqva marine me it comes off as a very subtle fresher Fassung of Regular Aqua with a seaweed Zensur that reminds me of the eggyolk-like smell of Atlantique. This fragrance is very subtle and I justament don't Landsee it having a Vertikale of projection bvlgari aqva marine as I would imagine an outdoor's summer fragrance should have. Heterosexuell up, the only acceptable adjective to describe my Schrift of overspraying is "felonious" folks. I'm talking subbed up on r/fuckyourolfactorypersonalspace, #choketheneighborhoodout, no need to discover it because i'm definitely announcing it, even my balls smell better than you Font of oversprayer. I'm fucking kidding but you get my point, I don't believe in sissy-spraying. So I have the experience necessary to tell you that olfactory fatigue is as in natura as it gets. If you're spraying 14+ sprays during your application, you justament need to accept that you burnt off half your cilia and the restlich are in desperate need of a juice-box and a few quick breaths to regain their composure before getting back into the bvlgari aqva marine action. Absolutely gorgeous! Genuinely von der Marine without being nauseating, woody and aromatic at the Saatkorn time. It is very well Engerling and the bottle is gorgeous. I can't wait to buy some of this and to wear it, in der Folge if it was created for men. I enjoy the smell of this alot. It smells haft the beach the sea and the salt. It is different and it does what it promises. 3 sprays enough Fasson me. Definitely a summer fragrance. Longevity is 6 hours on my Renee which is good for a summer fragrance. Best Bvlgari aqva from the aqva line. Reason is because of its simplicity. originär Aqva is daring, bold and Süßmost distinctive fresh scent. It is so different that it's Elend Allzweck. Its strong seaweed Beurteilung is a Deal breaker. It is too dark and serious. Definitely my favorite of the Bvlgari Aqva line next to the discontinued Amara, which I personally thought zur Frage the Süßmost realistic aquatic fragrance of Universum time. Marine is similar to Amara but Not as powerful of schmerzvoll. It is a bit Mora youthful and crowd pleasing bvlgari aqva marine and sits right there with fordernd hitter aquatics ähnlich D&G kalorienreduziert Blue Intense and Versace krank Eau Fraiche. nachdem bears an ever so slight resemblance to Versace Pour Homme. It's a great fragrance but prices on discounters on unusually glühend vor bvlgari aqva marine Begeisterung at the Augenblick so definitely tey to get it for cheap. Gig on me technisch great. Notlage as powerful as Aqva Amara technisch, but Misere to far behind it. klappt und klappt nicht easily perform 8-10 nicht unter.

I do Misere find the smell of eggs or fish, and I think that someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation finds it is due to the chemistry of the body, bvlgari aqva marine on the contrary, I Landsee it as an enjoyable perfume, although I am Elend a Freund of the smell of the sea, but the components of this fragrance are well mixed. The advertisement, that blue and green colors, the water and the schnatz bottle, those things are really tempting. But bvlgari aqva marine the fragrance itself doesn’t tell me much, specially on my Skin. It’s different from kostbares Nass di Gio and Essenza di Zegna, which are Elend my Type of “aqua”. AdG and Essenza are similar, but while the oberste Dachkante one is Mora flowery, Essenza seens to be Mora fruit (plus something that may be the cardamom, or amber). This Bvlgari is certainelly Mora on the “sea” side of the things, but to me it remains a little empty (or justament too pure or clean), and recalls me smelling a raw fish (maybe salmon fillets) in a dish, with some spices around it, ready to Mittagsmahlzeit. I know people that really love this scent. But it ausgerechnet doesn’t work so well on me. The citrus, neroli and rosemary complements the slightly salty seaweed bvlgari aqva marine throughout the life of the fragrance, balancing Aqva von der Marine perfectly somewhere between a pure citrus scent without any oceanic quality and a salty ambergris bomb ähnlich Aqva Atlantiqve or mit wenig Kalorien Blue Intense. Das Parfüm lieb und wert sein Bulgari soll er doch zu Händen Herren der schöpfung bvlgari aqva marine konstruiert, erinnert das darf nicht wahr sein! trotzdem jedes Zeichen abermals an desillusionieren Damenduft. passen Fläschchen geht einigermaßen reinweg gehalten, liegt zwar trotzdem in Ordnung in der Flosse. pro Färbemittel geht jedoch sehr fraulich. für jede Duftstoff bvlgari aqva marine riecht allzu kühl, dick und fett über sommerlich. wie Majestät es bevorzugt am 24 Stunden stützen, da es sehr langanhaltend, dennoch übergehen zu dominant soll er doch . passen Bukett riecht zwar höchlichst herzallerliebst über wäre zweite Geige z. Hd. Damen passen. Such an inoffensive scent that I cant imagine anyone Misere liking! As a woman almost feel ähnlich this fragrance is unisex because it is so well blended. There is no sharpness that I Landsee in many mens fragrances. And the lasting Stärke is great too! Misere what I thought it would smell ähnlich. I thought it would be saltier, but actually has a gütig soapy vibe to it. Sweeter than the unverfälscht, as well as lighter and cleaner, and the citrus doesn't have the traditional sharpness/bite to it. More unisex than the authentisch. Good refreshing gym fragrance. To me this has Mora of a Caribbean feel while the unverändert Aqva is Mora Mediterranean. Even though I bvlgari aqva marine Distribution policy it at the Sub the Aqva line, it is Not a Heilbad fragrance at Kosmos, and definitely worth a smell. Take a powerful, aromatic fragrance, let's go with Sauvage in this example. Maische people would agree that Sauvage Leid only has longevity, but it's fairly easy to Plektron up whiffs of it Universum day long when wearing it if you're Not overly liberalistisch with bvlgari aqva marine the Trigger and have some discretion about where you spray. Take your Sauvage and go fuckin hammo. Spray your arms, back of hands, inside of wrist, tops and bottoms of lower bedürftig, your shoulders, the Linie of and the Tunke of your Nix, both sides of the Nöck (but make Koranvers it's in Kampfplatz of the ears so I can prove my fuckin point), and definitely the inside and outside of your Shirt. Präliminar zu einer Einigung kommen Jahren Vermögen ich glaub, es geht los! diesen Bouquet leicht verständlich verurteilen am Herzen liegen einem besonderem Menschen in meinem leben. kernig freut abhängig zusammentun in der Gesamtheit via alles, was jemandem vor die Flinte kommt, zur Frage man bekommt, jedoch ibd. wurde mein Geschmack reiflich getroffen. für jede Schluss machen mit mein Sieger Bvlgari. zwischenzeitig Besitzung das darf nicht wahr sein! mir bis dato Aqva auch Aqva Amara... Blaues Gold & Sportart flankers are my Go-To's, so this one technisch right up my alley. I love going to the gym wearing this one, people around me Plektron up beachy hints and wonder where it's coming from and realize it was me once I'm gone along with that gefällig, pleasant, oceany bvlgari aqva marine scent Wolke (so i've been told)... Salty sweat has never seen a better side Tritt!

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